Hello Pretty People ,

In the past couple of weeks or months even i am facing sleeping issues , i couldn’t sleep well .

I slept Maximum 3-4 hours , it was horrbile ..

The product that i wi talk about today id a cream from LUSH .. OMG you guys it is so Freken Awsome ❤ ❤ . I am the hugest fan of the Lush products , they are a well known brand

i love all their products specially their lotions , if you haven't tried them you should write know 🙂

it you like to have a good night sleep you must try this at night ,, i have tried that in the weekend OMG i slept for full 8 hours alhamdiallah . it is amazing .

the Pic is from Google ..

please follow their account in Kuwait


Hello World

Hope you all are doing well ..

AM Back !!

The past year was the most existing year of my life . a lot of changes happened in my personal , work , business life ( alhamdullaiha )

I miss blogging so mush , i have so many things so many experiences that i would like to share with you guys .

I will try my best to post to you guys as much as i can ..

Love you all , Take care & have an amazing day or evening 😉

Lady D

Things that i simply LOVE

Hello Lovelies

i know i am so rustly lately but i promise i will be more active

well today i want to share with you the things that i like the most wil let start the list 😛

1- DIY (do it yourself ) :

am such a hug fan of doing project in your hands as you all know *some of my previous projects *

DIY it gives you the feeling of accomplishment and it if FUN !! .. very recommend

2- Apple products ❤

will i know it sounds lame but i really love them .their are so simple to use

we just got in our home the new apple TV and it is so much fum :))


3- reading :

lately i joined an arabic reading book club  it is amazing am having so much fun with the girlz .

i never read arabic books in my life but am enjoying if

their are very young and amazing kuwait and arab writters

you should check them out

these are some of the books :




4- Makeup 

like OMG you guys this currently my main obsession

i love makeup and i love really love what dose it represent beauty , art , fun … and so many things


 it is a picture that i got from the internet put you got my point 😉

5- chocolate

and one of my favourite chocolatier in kuwait is the amazing CHOCOLATE AND MORE 

OMG ! i can’t stop talking about them

they are amazing ❤

6- christian louboutin

this shoes are a to die for , although they paid so badly BUT and i emphasis that  the are the pretties shoes in the world ❤ ❤

christian louboutin it represent class , elegance , fashion .. omg if i start talking about Loubies i just DIE

please , check their Instagram and mention him that Lady D loves your shoes 😉


that it guys .

good luck to you all ❤

Lady D

please , share your things that you Love

My Trip to K7l

Hello Lovelies ,

will today i will share with you my trip to K7l Makeup store in Tejariyah Mall in kuwait City .

OMG you guys am so proud that we have a high quality makeup brand , the products are SUPER Amazing and pigmented .

it is really amazing how are the gulf youth are well talented am really happy about that . i advice you all to visit the store and their website . you will have all the information .

know check the pictures below of my tower in the store .

IMG_7580 IMG_7576 IMG_7575 IMG_7574
IMG_7579 IMG_7578

IMG_7573here are their informations

Instagram :

 Tijaria Tower, Al-Mirqab, Kuwait.

best of to you @K7l

LUV U all


Lady D

MAC Cosmetics

hello pretty people ,

i hope you had an amazing NEW YEAR .. i have missed you

any ways ! MAC cosmetics has been my favorite since EVER ! they have so many amazing products . i have been searching for a a look that i can wear as a daily natural colors for work ,for me being a banker i have to have quick easy steps to do a look ..
i can’t speak enough how great are MAC Eye Shadows , Brushes and they have the BEST gel Liner !! OMG it is so Black that it is so not real !! 🙂 any ways !!


i really recommend these products :
1- tempting eye shadow
2- Fashion Fix eye shadow
3-Always Sunny eye shadow
4- face brush 168 ( you can use this brush for ; for powder contour , Blush , foundation and highlighter )
Really AMAZING !!
5- eye brush 217
6- eye brush 219
7- black track gel liner .

to buy these products you should go to : or

hope you like the post

Lady D

makeup on hijab

hello pretty people ,

i know it has been a long time since i blogged but i have really interesting topic to discuss it makeup on the hijab

i had this problem since i wore my hijab it drives me crazy !! but i figured out some things that you should apply that will make your hijab makeup free .


Firstly ,

it to always wear a primer .. this will hold your foundation for the longest time ever , my current favorite primer is the  Benefit Porefessional



OMG ! it is amazing you can see the difference in your skin ..  sometimes i can wear it alone with out a foundation and my skin looks PERFECT !



Use a sponge to absorb all the liquid of the foundation which will make your skin not stain able

the sponge that am currently loving is , the beauty blender





thirdly ,

use a fixing spray like ; fix plus or the urban dakay on the i talked about before

here is a pic of the setting spray


last advice ,

Always wear a hat under neath your Hijab and always use pins to set the Hijab and not moving it




the hijab hats ( i don’t know what these calls but i named them a hat *-*)

you can also find them on ebay if you are not living in kuwait 🙂

hope you have a wonderful makeup stain free hijab

hope you liked my post 🙂


Lady D